Welcome to Arkansas Reiki Institute

Welcome to Arkansas Reiki InstituteWelcome to Arkansas Reiki InstituteWelcome to Arkansas Reiki Institute

We promote natural healing in the "Natural State" by offering individual sessions and classes in  Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki 


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About Us


Reiki for Everyone

How Reiki Can Help You

How Reiki Can Help You

What is Reiki? It is a Japanese relaxation technique that promotes physical, mental, and emotional healing. Studies have shown it to be effective in stress reduction and pain management. More than 800 hospitals in the United States offer a Reiki program.


How Reiki Can Help You

How Reiki Can Help You

How Reiki Can Help You

Reiki is administered to a fully clothed client on a massage table, with the practitioner's hands on or above the client. The Reiki energy flows through the client's bio-energy field, removing blockages and re-establishing balance.


See the Difference

How Reiki Can Help You

See the Difference

Clients report feeling more relaxed, more vibrant, and "freer" after a treatment. Many report a significant decrease in chronic pain. In addition, many students have experienced profound Reiki healing and significant shifts in their lives after completing the Reiki courses. 

Privacy Policy

We follow the following policies for privacy and collection of  information to honor a commitment to protecting your personal data.  Arkansas Reiki Institute along with the International Center for Reiki  Training are transparent about the limited personal data we collect, why  we collect it, and how it is managed and shared.


Arkansas Reiki Institute and the International Center for Reiki Training are a  community made up of Reiki practitioners, teachers and students who are  utilizing classes and events for Reiki related activities and services.  
How Your Personal Data Is Used

  • To create an account
  • Contact  you with information related to Arkansas Reiki Institute Classes and  Services as well as Reiki-related information and services generated by  the ICRT.
  • Facilitate communication between teachers and students
  • Provide teacher, member, student and class information 
  • Generate certificates and class rosters
  • Provide ongoing information pertaining to Reiki and other related services, classes and events provided by Arkansas Reiki Institute

Where  Your Information Is Shared

Your  information is only shared to fulfill our business obligations and to  maintain records of our students and the classes they attend. The  information is only available to the staff of Arkansas Reiki Institute and  the ICRT for maintenance of records of services provided. If at some  time you decide to purchase items from the ICRT Website Store, you can  then refer to the ICRT Privacy Policies posted on the Reiki.org website.



Collection of Information 

What Personal Data Do We Collect And Why

When  you register for classes from the Arkansas Reiki Institute website, you will  be asked to provide basic information of name, address, email and phone  number to be placed into the Arkansas Reiki Institute data base along with  the data base for the International Center for Reiki Training. You will  also be asked to electronically register and approve that this  information can be stored by both entities prior to your payments which  are handled through Pay Pal.

This data collection will  be used to communicate with you information about classes, ongoing  educational materials and to also register you with the ICRT for your  certificate(s) and informational emails about special events or postings  directly from the ICRT. 

Access To and Control Over Your Information

Registrants  may correct or update their personal data, request a copy of the  information they have provided, or request a change or deletion of their  data at their request by contacting karen@arkansasreiki.com. They will receive verification by email that their request has been completed.

Keeping Your Information Secure

Both  Arkansas Reiki Institute  and the International Center for Reiki Training are  committed to keeping your information secure. We work with internet  services and providers who provide us with administrative, technical, and  physical safeguards to help prevent any breech in data collected. We  will strive to protect your data as we are advised by professionals in  this area of expertise. We all know, however,  that even with these  safeguards in place, security data can sometimes be breached, and you should be  advised that we are not legally liable should this occur. 

Please be advised that we DO NOT share your data with any third party entities

For further information you can also go to the ICRT website at  Reiki.org for the ICRT Privacy Policy