"Karen  Caig is a gifted Healer!  She is gentle, loving, and caring.  She loves  helping others through her insightful healing techniques.  . . . During a  session with her she was able to pull a stubborn stuck energy out of my  neck that had been there a few years. Once it popped out, I was able to  heal from the damage it had caused to my throat area.  Had it not come  out, I am certain the non beneficial energy would have led to a health  problem for me. 

Karen fully engages with me and I always feel so much better after a session with her."

--Norah Dykema

"Karen is wonderful! One healing session with her, and my soul was  recharged. All the ick left my body. Happiness hugged my soul all day.  Let her help you; you won't regret it." 

--Jamie LaGrange

"Karen is absolutely amazing. She is the sweetest, most patient, and  understanding instructor anyone could ask for. Her method is great for  any learning type. She explains things to where anyone can understand.  She is not only a great teacher but quite a gifted as a healer as well. I  can personally attest to her skills in long distance Reiki. Anyone  interested in learning Reiki or receiving a session cannot go wrong  with Karen."

--Tabatha Cothren

"Karen is amazing-truly a one of a kind person with a heart of gold. She  radiates kindness, caring, and love. During a visit, my wrist was painful  and swollen, within seconds of her placing her hands above mine I  could literally see the swelling going down in my hand and wrist, and  the pain began to subside. My first session left me so relaxed I could  hardly move- with an amazing sense of calm. I can't wait for more.  Highly recommend. 

--Kim Burcham